How a London escorts handle bag addiction

I date a lot of gents who complain about being addicted to London escorts. Well, the truth is that we girls here at London escort agency have a few addictions as well. Personally, I am really addicted to hand bags and I can’t go past a shop without looking to see if they have a new exciting handbags. You can say that I have a serious hand bag addiction, and must have a new hand bag every so often to fulfill my life. As a matter of fact, I could probably by a new hand bag every day and be perfectly happy.

The girls at London escorts have suggested that I sell some of my bags to try and cure my addiction. The fact is that I just can’t. I know that I have a lot of money tied up in my handbags but I am so badly addicted to handbags. My favorite brand in Kurt Geiger and I am really affectionate to his tote bags. They just look so great and they are very practical at the same time. I always prefer to carry a Kurt Geiger tote bag over any other bag, and I think they are my ultimate dream bag.

It is not the only addiction that I have. On top of collecting hand bags, I am really into glad rags. I suppose that isn’t a really bad addiction as I can always wear my glad rags at London escorts. I am that sort of girl who likes to look great for my gents and I know they appreciate my sense of style. Many of my gents comment on how nice that I look and that I always look like I am into fashion. No problem there, I am seriously into fashion and anything like that.

Another addiction of mine in Gucci designer nail polishes. So far, I have a collection about 100 nail polishes. They do come in handy and I wear them for my gents here at London escorts. This is why my nails always look really nice, and I am happy to show off my nails. Sometimes I even by a matching lipstick to the shade of my nails as well, and I think that looks really nice. I love to co-ordinate and look smart. But, my main addiction is my handbags and I should really try to stop but it isn’t easy to do.

The thing is, I do get paid quite well here at London escorts and I can easily afford my handbags. Also, a lot of the gents that I date know about my hand bag collection, and they buy me bags as well. Some of them ever by me nice scarves and bags, and I always appreciate that. I use the scarves as handbag jewelry and I sort of dress up my bags. It makes me really happy to look at them, and I am glad that I can afford them. I have not wasted my money as I have also bought my own apartment.

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