The very unusual requests at London escorts

But nothing could have prepared me for the request that Mike came up with one rainy Thursday evening. I had been dating for almost two years when he asked me to come around to his place. I could immediately tell that there was something different about the date. Yes, he was pleased to see me, but there was also something business like about him.

Instead of asking me into his living room which he normally did when I arrived on my outcalls from I was very surprised and asked him what was up. He seemed to be feeling uncomfortable and that was not like him at all. I told him it was okay, and he just smiled at me. It is nothing bad he said, I just need to ask you if you are up for a bit of an adventure.

Mike was sort of a stay a home guy and unlike many of the gents I dated at cheap London escorts he did not go far. He had told me that not many members of his family were alive and that he liked to spend time on his own doing his thing as he called. But this time, things were different and he wanted to go somewhere but did not want to travel on his own. He said that he realized that I loved to travel and asked me if I wanted to come with him to Australia,

It turned out that Mike had a cousin in Australia who came to London almost every summer. His cousin had been nagging him to visit Australia for years now, but Mike had not got around to it. He felt bad about it and wanted to make a trip of a life time. Not only did he want to go to Australia but he wanted to travel around the Pacific and visit New Zealand. Was he asking me to come with him? In that case I would be the first call at the London escorts to leave this year because this trip would take some time.

Mike had already planned it all out. Maps were spread across the table, and the catalogue belonging to a very upmarket cruise company was laid on the sideboard. Was this a cruise? Yes, said Mike. We would start in Singapore and cruise all around the Pacific in balcony cabins.  It all sounded great and I could see that I would have a hard time to say no. Would I mind taking the time off from London escorts and travel with him? Of course not, because what Mike did not know was that I was hopelessly in love with this man who was always so reluctant to leave home. This would be a true adventure for both of us and I threw my arms around him. He seemed surprise, but I honestly felt that a new door was opening up, and something more than an exciting holiday was on the horizon.

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