Sex During Period Time

How safe is it to have sex during periods? Many have asked this question. The answer is yes. Recent research has shown that sex during periods is actually healthy and pleasurable. Lovers should be comfortable enough to have sex at any time. The menstruation period should thus not serve as an abstinence measure to sexual partners. Women have a period every month and this shouldn’t limit them from enjoying the sweetness of sex once a month. Sex during periods is an issue that should be discussed by the two partners.

Among the fears that ladies have is the discomfort and issue of cleanliness. Pain from cramps can be a reason women avoid sex during this time. However, the oxytocin released during orgasm can help to relieve this pain. The penetration should be gentle, giving time to the lady to be at peace. The thrusts should also be moderate until the woman feels relaxed. A dark towel should be spread on the bed with the man being on top.

It is advisable that sex during periods starts after the second or third day after menses have started. Research has shown that women are bound to enjoy sex more during their periods. There is high blood circulation around the vagina thus they get excited very fast. Women also tend to reach multiple orgasms within no time during this period. Sex is thus mind-blowing and this moment and should not be compromised. Men should thus take this chance to make their loved ones feel appreciated in bed.

While having sex during periods, women should consider using a menstrual cup or diaphragm to keep blood for a while. This will prevent mess and reduce their discomfort. With sex having many health benefits, why compromise your health. You just need to discuss your experiences with the lady and if she is fit with it, well and good. Go ahead and enjoy the game. Men have little objection related to sex during periods as most of them fancy of sex now and then and are willing to do it with their lovers. Precautions are however necessary while having sex at this moment as you are both exposed to infectious diseases.

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